the water well (el pozo)

Every day since 25 year ago , Filomeno (Fill) got up (from the bed) thinking that “today is the day… some one will call by phone asking for sale one plastic water cistern and carry them 30miles into the “maleza” With my old chevrolet pickup with two pens and worn out old tires, … i have to fill a gas tank before… damn.. and worst the gas station just give reduced galons for each expensive galon, they call that milk the cow and every day most expensive”. I almost start to buy a galon with “HUACHICOLE MARKET”, less expensive if i wan to run my truck.

An since 90 day ago, today what the exception, seven after midnigh and night, nothing happen , so long day… nothing ringing, not any call, nothing , but FIll just have one think,… maybe tomorrow , i m sure.

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