Learn speaking authentic Spanish Mexicano as a pro

“No habla español..”… the Hugh common error foreign people fail when try to communicate Spanish handle level, and worse, denote a low-professional (minuscule ) knowledge about it.

Le me be straight about serious sense about Learn to Speak Professional Spanish as right form:

1.- As you know, as even every ware there are lots of Spanish intonation styles but the main and must educate come from the Central-meadly North of Mexico , and as except the local-Hugh Polulation inside Mexico City (Netza and Ixtapalapa where by exception that Spanish intonation is named “cantadito” (singsong) just used for the low-economic and educative population , it is importart to remark that kind of “cantadito” style is used today for more than ten millions of that poulation then maybe in the future will have to consider some special study about that. ) is the Top Right Mexico Spanish Region where your interaction with good sense in spanish speaking have to be in one sense: RIGHT.

Of course, as on every world, you can adopt any does you like is better for you, but inside this topic, we will center in the explanation and learning the REAL EXECUTIVE SPANISH and SUCCESFUL intonation, just that REAL MEXICO CEOS USE every day and make youself trait like a gig ant in business negotiations and that is my target in this quick course.

After that clarified, lest go to get on in work, i will share with you a main bounch worlds used with real power where having the POTENTIAL TO IMPACT in commond Bussines of Top Level CEO’s or any one who have the real power to take real economical decisions in succesful transactions.

first and must powerful in business interation:

LA CHINGADA: those comming are conjugations variations and every one explanation. You will perceive as different in English, in Spanish the use of one frase had lot of common senses and express lot of your intimate field.

Me lleva la chingada : ( no literal English traslation but used lot of Spanish Business Negociations).

just used in business common interaction as private or intimate reflexion, when you like to express nonconformism or inquietude about the negotiation or direction results but not reflex anxiety. Use it as an “own inside reflexion, but i will like to share with you because you are part of my team”.

Using this like that, you will note the efectiveness sense whit succesfull possible celebrate for every one around you and appreciate your intimate thought.

O que la chingada

Está de la chingada

Me vi de la chingada

Estuvo de la Chingada

Me trató de la Chingada

Que Chingón

Que su chingada madre

Nos fue de la chingada

those are the main ascertation but there exist lots of time-conjugations about it.

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