Aged Mexicain ancestors knowledge of hight tecnology part one

This is current year 2300 before new Christian era in Xochicalco Palace City (a hught and magnificent archaeological Mexican Ancient City placed around 45km from Cuernavaca Morelos estate), and once upon a time every day  was a quite and charming day, when the forest and jungle, lagoons and trees provide there all fresh food natural, and toke the canyons water for direct drink , also the good for cooking your food just as easy, and men and every one into the family talk one language, the NATURAL GOD LANGUAGE : NAHUATL (according with the sciences Nathuatl is  the Language provided direct from God or Gods in the beginner of our early civilizations) just like that: this is the main target of this topic, the way i will try to demostrate those myths are true, and here i will explain what for and why should be  real.

(Nahuatl common conversation)


Se soatsintle an se tlagatsintle omonamigke techin ojtle, in tlagatsintle
oguiljui: -¿kenotimotlatjuilti?- in
soatsintle oguinankili: -kual-le
tlasojkamati uelmiak- in tlagatsintle oksepa oguiljui: – ¿kenin timotoga?- – ne notoga Xochitl- oguijto in
soatsintle –an niu ni atlagüitin atlajko,
kenin timotoga?- ne notoga Pablo
an niu nikuajkuitin kojtlan- oguijto in
tlagatsintle, an inuan omoljuijke
– man teotl mits mogüiguilijtsino-.

…. (Ref: Diccionario español-náhuatl de Hueyapan)…

Una señora y un señor se encontraron
en el camino, el señor le dijo: -¿Cómo
amaneciste?- la señora le contestó:
-bien muchas gracias – el señor otra
vez le dijo; -¿Cómo te llamas?- Yó me
llamo Flor- dijo la señora- y voy a traer
agua a la barranca, ¿Cómo te llamas?
– Yó me llamo Pablo y voy a traer leña
al monte dijo el señor y ambos se
dijeron – que dios te acompañe-.


One day a Man and a lady founded in the route, the Man said :

How was your night, did you rest?

Lady answer: fine, than you

Man again:

What is your name ?

My name is “Flor” (flower)

.. and i m going to canyon to bring water said the Lady,

.. my name is “Pablo” the man said,

.. and i m going to bring good into the montain

God bless you and every one walked out his current route.


Un homme et une femme on á trouvait dans la route ,

l’homme parole:

Quel’etait ton matain?

La famme a bien repondue:

bien merci,

et l’home une fois plus:

quel’est ton nom?

Je m’appelle “Flor” (fleur)

et je vais a le canyon pour l’eaux

.. (l’homme dit) Je m’appelle Pablo et je vais a la montangue pour bois (pour chauffer le poele)

Q’el noutre dieux nous acompagne… les deux on ‘a dit et continue son route.

First Unresolv Inquer til today?

Xochicalco today is placed around into explendid place in the top terrain , means 40 or 50mts up from regular level, full of explendid palaces builded by special rocks with perfect simetry and equity also every similiar around all Mexico full are ( but in this location of the center in Mexico was building the most bigest and extraordinar architech Piramids until the point of Cancun and Cozumel and Guatemala too).

None have a real explanation how those heavy Rocks has carried from long distances into those elevate areas, even if any ancient movie show a “long men slaves with gross ropes carring gross tons-rocks… WHIT OUT HELP OF ANIMALS of CARRIER ?

It is obvious those people knowledge the use of carried animal on his zone, the books-researchs of history talked about “they don’t know he horses or .. the horses was bringed from first Europeans … bushtit! was a big mistake.

Thar is my Theory we will call it Sergio Romo Thereme:


When i was young student early in my Mathematic and Phisict leasson class, my teacher one comming and said to me: The laws of Newton use the GRAVITY AS A CONSTANT for each formule… put that constant into every equation like a best David Copperfil disapear and appear a card.

But according with the Einsten Thoery : the universe is in constant movement UP or DOWN into the Univers and the Entiry Galaxy same way… figure it that you flush your toillet infintely and the wather never finish form teh cabit-wather, we are alway in a Dinamic Movement (slowly not like the forze of your toillet or maybe yes that is a sensention evey human can’t percive becaue is our regular estate living into the globe.

Then, as the wather of flush roting into the CENTER, with a Forze … THAT IS THE GRAVITY, and none explain that to me until now and after deeply study to undestand that premice.


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