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Armando Manzanero lirics: “Nos hizo falta tiempo” (We needed time)

Nos hizo falta tiempo, para andar en la playa

dedicarte a la locura

Armando Manzanero master piece

(english must near translation)

there wasn’t time to walk on the beatch

make craisy tinks

Armando Manzanero Mexico Author

That was that easy ten easy spanish words make direct remark for any one to touch the sky and come down to “rêves” (in french means more than dreams otherwise i prefer said like this right now), song in Language Spanish means more than a easy lyric, and English translations language have not same heart-effect ?

That is the must main topic about this post, the magnificent of Spanish Songs effect, the enriched of this language words produce more than easy noise for each attendant, that what i m writing these king of humble “hommage” to the must (for my personal perception) great Spanish Singer Author (even must than Hispanic Language around the glob).

“DON” (or “Maestro” in spanish language means “Senior” with Honorariums recognition equivalence as Japanese culture say “Zen-Zei” some one with a highest status) Armando Manzanero, that is my tribute of your hard and humble contribution to Mexico Spanish Right Enriching Culture.

(By the way, Armando Manzanero was a MAYA ancestors strong defender and real Speakers and SINGER about this love MAYA-IDIOM Alive and active…, maybe in may next contribution i will make a special deeply report bout that,)

What is the essence to write this humble remarkable on English Note now? because for me it its important to share to the World that kind of recognition to Hispanic speakers, and maybe tomorrow i will make another remark in french or Portuguese or chine language, the stuffs i have deeply handle right now

For now please take a magik time to enjoy Armando Manzanero Lirics , know more about his “magnifique œuvres”, enjoy with a with wine “boutaille” frizzed in preference, and take care about Liric-word in each lyric song with your best lover one time under Friday night even like me, and after that share with me what is your honest remark about every lyric song.

so long.

Sergey your honest pal.


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